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I've decided not to go into huge detail with these characters. You can't really rate them in battle because they're all the same, and I didn't play enough of the game to judge them like this.

Bartz, yeah, he's kind of like the main character if you really had to pick one. I think he's cool because he has a chocobo named Boko. Now, I'm not a big fan of chocobos, I'm more of a moogle kind of person, but Boko is just too cool of a name not to like whatever it is. So hats off to Bartz, who has a cool Chocobo. Also, thanks to his whole thing with his family, you get to hear two of the three best songs in the game, "My Home Sweet Home" and "Music Box". I should do a music section. Um yeah, I haven't really played this game too much, you know? So...yay Bartz.