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Story Line: Cecil is the main character of Final Fantasy IV, and so he is with you through the whole game. In the beginning, Cecil is a dark knight who travels around stealing the crystals, but then faces himself, gaining the power of light to beat the dark. Cecil, Kain, and Rosa are involved in a bit of a love triangle throughout the game, but perhaps what is most important for Cecil is that at the end he finds out that the main enemy, Golbez, is actually his brother. Big plot twist! And of course, during the early games, there was only room enough for one or two plot twists. Cecil was one of my favorite main characters. Story Line Score: 10

Overall Battle Performance: Everyone knows that in Final Fantasy, the main character usually gets the most powerful weapons. Cecil was not an exception. His best weapon is the Crystal Sword (I think they changed the name of this to Ragnarok in the re-release?), which does about 3,000 points of damage. After Cecil assumes the powers of light, he gradually learns six magic spells. Not really worth using though, considering how powerful his weapons usually are and the fact that Rosa's magic is stronger. But, if you really have to use them, use them. He also has the cover ability; use it on Rhydia when needed. Overall Battle Performance Score: 8

Overall Contribution: Taking into consideration that Cecil was excellent in battle and added very nicely to the storyline, he was overall a high-quality character. Overall Contribution Score: 9

My Opinion: I, personally, really liked Cecil. I was dissapointed when he turned into a Paladin, because the whole dark knight thing was so cool. But, he was still a complex character with great weapons, the abilitly to fly not only an air ship, but successfuly get everyone to the moon, and he's half lunarian! My Opinion Score: 9

Cecil's Average Score: 9.0