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Celes - "Product of genetic engineering, battle hardened Magitek-Knight, with a spirit as pure as snow..."

Story Line: Celes joins your party in Locke's senario, when he finds her held captive by some of the Empire's soldiers. Locke saves her and also promises to be her body gaurd. You later learn that Celes was created in a lab and infused with magic powers. She conciders her father to be Professor Cid. Celes's story line isn't as clear as the other characters because she was always more concerned about others than herself. Celes always wanted to do what was right, and so she turned from being a General of the Empire to being a fighter for the Returners. She developes a relationship with Locke, which she is afriad of because she has never had a real family before. Celes was looking for friendship the whole game (which is why she was the first to appear in the WoR,) and at the end, she knew she had found it. Story Line Score: 9

Overall Battle Performance: Celes can use swords and such, but she has a really cool special ability called Runic. To use this, equip a sword with her. She holds her sword in the air, and the next magic attack is then absorbed into her sword, curing her a little. However, this is ANY magic attack, even one cast by your party, so be careful with your timing. This ability works really really well, especailly in the WoB's battle with Kefka. Other than that, Celes is a strong magic user, and should not be neglected in that respect. Overall Battle Performance Score: 10

Overall Contribution: Celes was cool in this game because no one ever really forgot about her, she was always just there. Her story line was nice because it partly paralled Terra's, but not completly. She was also worth using in battles, making her a well-rounded character. Overall Contribution Score: 9

My Opinion: I liked Celes, I just didn't use her as much as I should have. That's the only problem with this game--there are so many good characters, it's hard to choose between them. The best part about Celes is that she was in the Opera scene, the BEST part of the game. She got to be Maria, and that is beyond cool. My Opinion Score: 10

Celes's Average Score: 9.5