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Story Line: This is Cid. Cid is an astronaut. These types of people usually go into space, right? Not Cid. Back in the day when ShinRa cared about their space program, Cid was the main man: the captain. They were all set to go, but Shera just had to go and mess everything up. So Cid had to stop the launch of the ship to save her life. It wasn't until many years later did Cid find out they would've -all- died if Shera hadn't have stopped the flight, but the problems were fixed and Cid finally got to go into space. So why did Cid go along with you? Well, stealing his plane pissed him off, and once he found out your party was against ShinRa, he jumped for the chance to join you. Story Line Score: 7

Overall Battle Performance: Final Fantasy VII's battle system contains magic which can be learned through the use of Materia. Materia is concentrated Mako energy, and can control the elements, abilities for the character, different battle changes, and summon monsters. All characters can be equal in magical powers, you just have to battle to have them learn the magics. The real differences between the characters in battle are their weapons and limit break techs (the more the character gets hurt, the more angry they get, when they get really mad, they get a limit break.) Cid was able to use tridents and other spear-type weapons, always the sign of a powerful character. Cid's limit breaks were also pretty cool because..well..Cid's insane. For example, he lights a stick of dynamite with his ever present ciggarette and tosses it over to the enemy for one of his attacks. I keep dynamite in my pocket too. I always kept him in my party because he does tons of damage. He's just one of those really good battle characters. Overall Battle Performance Score: 10

Overall Contribution: Cid, I think, made a pretty good contribution to the game, battle wise that is. His story line was there as well. Everyone was happy when Cid finally got to go into space. Overall Contribution Score: 7

My Opinion: As I've said, I always had Cid in my party, because he was a cig-smoking psychopath. How odd is that? And he was always yelling at everyone, which provided much humor to the whole situation. My Opinion Score: 8

Cid's Average Score: 8.0