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Cloud Strife

Story Line: Cloud is the main character of Final Fantasy VII. His story is rather confusing, and each time you play the game, you pick up something that you missed the times before. Cloud was born in Nibeleim and lived there until the day he decided he wanted to join the elite group called SOLDIER, which worked for Shinra. The game begins just after Cloud has left SOLDIER (a 1st class soldier) and is off on his own..for about 2 seconds. He then joins forces with the newest Shinra resistence group called AVALANCHE (with Barret, Jesse, Biggs and Wedge.) They finally convince Cloud that Shinra is evil, and he fights against the group he used to dream of being in. But all is not well in Cloud's spikey little head, something is just not as it should be. And the whole thing with the voice talking to him is freaking him out. But Cloud being Cloud, he goes on in his meloncoly way, trying to figure out what to do. Meetings with Sephiroth, who was thought to be dead, only confuses him more as Sephiroth shows him the time they went back to Nibeleim (the picture, the reactor.) It is not until Cloud falls into the stream of Mako with Tifa that he finally remembers who he really is. Turns out that Cloud never got to SOLDIER 1st class, and that when he returned to his home town with Sephiroth, he was one of the regular was actually Zac who was in the picture and all. Cloud is then ready to see his true enemy is Sephiroth. And yet, others have told me that Cloud is a Sephy clone, made by Hojo, and that there is a branding tattoo on his arm. This would make sense to me and clears up the whole Sephy mind connection. But then what about Tifa, and why does she remember these things? I'm really not sure what Cloud is. I'll work on this. My boyfriend Josh has a lovely theory about Cloud: "I believe he went off to join SOLDIER, and there he met his hero, Sephiroth. Zack is the "clone" of Sephiroth. But Cloud was just so crazy, that he became Zack. You remember the scene on the truck with Cloud and Zack? When Zack died, Cloud took his sword and clothes. Cloud kind of took over Zack's life. Because he promised and was so determined to become the best SOLDIER...but Zack was the best. So he took his life, pretty much. He was infused with Mako too, which fucked him up even more, and he -did- know Sephiroth, but he was only an underling to him while in Shinra." So that means that the whole time Cloud forgot who he actually was, and the whole purpose of Cloud was to have him remember who he actually was. But he also has a theory dealing with the Cloud as a clone option: "He could have been given to his "mother" to raise as a child. But there isn't -too- much to support that, concidering that in the scene where he is in the tubes in the shinra mansion basement, he's grown up." So...that's what we think. Story Line Score: 9

Overall Battle Performance: Final Fantasy VII's battle system contains magic which can be learned through the use of Materia. Materia is concentrated Mako energy, and can control the elements, abilities for the character, different battle changes, and summon monsters. All characters can be equal in magical powers, you just have to battle to have them learn the magics. The real differences between the characters in battle are their weapons and limit break techs (the more the character gets hurt, the more angry they get, when they get really mad, they get a limit break.) Cloud changes swords throughout the game, and his most powerful one is called the Ultima sword. It's power is directly related to the amount of HP Cloud has. If Cloud is at a full 9999, the sword will hit at 9999, and so on. Cloud also has the most powerful limit break in the game. His level 4 limit break is called OmniSlash, and can be obtained in the Battle Area (for 64,000 points.) If you have the 4x-Cut ability with your materia, put it on Cloud! Overall Battle Performance Score: 10

Overall Contribution: Cloud was, afterall, the main character in the game, and provided much of this twisted game's story line. His battle contribution can only truely be felt when you lose him and have to fight without him, making you realize you never really want to have a party without Cloud. Overall Contribution Score: 10

My Opinion: I was a big fan of Cloud. I always felt sorry for him because he was always being pulled between Tifa and Aeris. Then Aeris died and the world was right again. His only fault? He killed Sephiroth. You can't just kill -Sephiroth-. But we'll reach him later. Shrine? Yeah I should. But anyway, Cloud was cool. My Opinion Score: 9

Cloud's Average Score: 9.5