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Cyan - "Faithful retainer to his family's liege, with the courage and strength of a hundred men..."

Story Line: You first meet Cyan when you're on Sabin's senario. Cyan is a top soldier at Doma Castle, and you come in to help the castle escape from the attack by the Empire. Cyan loses his entire family and his job, and has nothing better to do than come with you. His story in this game is to bring peace to himself for not being able to save his wife and child. This happens if you bring Cyan to Doma castle in the WoR and sleep in the Inn. You will be taken inside Cyan's soul and go on a quest to kill Wrexsoul. In the end, Cyan is brought peace by learning that his family will always live on in his heart. Story Line Score: 8

Overall Battle Performance: Cyan can use various swords and such in battle. His special skill is called Sword Tech, which, when used, has different levels that can be built up by waiting. There are 8 Sword Techs, the most useful are probably 4 and 7, if you want to wait that long, of course. They are pretty useful in hard battles, however, so use your better judgement when choosing. Overall Battle Performance Score: 8

Overall Contribution: Cyan was important in spurts. While on Sabin's senario, he's very important...then kind of drifts off until the WoR, if you decide to go to Doma castle. You could play the game without him and you wouldn't really notice. Overall Contribution Score: 7

My Opinion: I never used Cyan unless I had too. Why? I don't know, it's just one of those things. And I didn't feel bad about neglecting him, either. I mean with all the other characters you can choose from...well, he was alright. Not that any character in this game was bad. Cyan was just lower on the likeness scale than most. A lot lower.My Opinion Score: 5

Cyan's Average Score: 7.0