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Story Line: Edge joins your party when you first run into Rubicant near Eblan. Edge is the Prince of Eblan and he's trying to fight Rubicant, but, of course, he loses because he's by himself. Edge then joins your party (and takes a nice little liking to Rydia) and stays with you for the rest of the game. After his parents die because of Golbez (Zeromus really..), Edge makes it his duty to stay with your party to help you defeat the enemy. In the end, he becomes King of Eblan, and has fallen in love with Rydia. Story Line Score: 7

Overall Battle Performance: Edge is simply great in battle. He can hold a sword in both hands, making his attacks powerful, and his HP is usually equal to Rosa's. Since Edge is a Ninja, he has 6 Ninja magics, which are very usful when your fighting a hard boss. Blitz is the best one, but be careful because your enemy might absorb it! In addition to that, Edge can also throw just about anything in your inventory box, which does huge amounts of damage to enemies. AND he also has a "Sneak" command, which is the same as steal, though it's not really worth it. But still, he is a Ninja, and that's almost as cool as being a Dragoon. Overall Battle Performance Score: 10

Overall Contribution: Edge found that great ship, and his battle techniques were very high-class, earning him a nice high score for contribution. Overall Contribution Score: 8

My Opinion: Edge is so cool. What else can I say about Edge that I haven't already? He's great, and you know it. My Opinion Score: 9

Edge's Average Score: 9.0