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Story Line: Edward first appears when Tellah finds that his daughter, Anna, has run off with him. Turns out that Edward is really the Prince of Damcyan. He then joins your party on his quest to revenge Anna's death...but you loose him in the little run-in with Laviathan. You later find him at the castle in Toroian, but he never rejoins your party. The only significant things Edward does is use his harp to help you beat the Dark Elf, and help you find the ruby to cure Rosa. Story Line Score: 4

Overall Battle Performance: Edward was such a coward that he had the "hide" command added to his list, which basically let him run off the screen for a little bit. But he was running away most of the time anyway. This was actually more useful than his attacks, which did little damage. His Bard command put things to sleep, but by the time that happend, the battle was either over, or he would be dead because of the low amount of HP he starts out with. Overall Battle Performance Score: 2

Overall Contribution: Edward's whole purpose in the game was to find the courage within himself, which he did. However, the game was not really impacted by it in any way..he was only slightly more useful than Tellah. Overall Contribution Score: 3

My Opinion: The whole Anna dying thing was really sad because you could tell that Edward really cared for her, and it was nice when he got his courage and helped you out...but everything in between was rather annoying. Battling with Edward was almost painful. My Opinion Score: 3

Edward's Average Score: 3.0