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Eiko Carol - Solitude - "I don't want to be alone anymore..."

Story Line: This little girl is Eiko, the last of the summoners who lived in Madain Sari on the outer continent. This is where you meet Eiko, who lives all alone except for the company of a bunch of moogles. Eiko's horn is what brings her her summoning power, and you actually learn that Garnet is her sister in a way, because she also belongs to this ancient race. Eiko joins your party because she is lonely, wants to help Garnet, and also wants to make Zidane her boyfriend. Story Line Score: 7

Overall Battle Performance: The battle system in FFIX is much more traditional Final Fantasy in that each character gets the option to attack, do a special skill, or use an item. The main difference is that every character can use magic. Different skills, called abilities, are learned from weapons, armor, and accessories. Abilities can then be equipped to a character, giving a wide range of choice for each battle. Magic is learned in the same way, but doesn't need to be equipped. FFIX has the Trance mode, in which a character turns a glowing white, and aquires special hidden powers during this time. Eiko is another white mage, and a rather powerful one at that. Again, don't bother with her physical attacks. Eiko can learn to summon four Eidolons through the game, and like Garnet's, they will appear the first time you summon them, but after that the chance they will come is random. You do want them to come though because they do twice the amount of damage than when they just send their weapons. To get them to come each time, learn the Boost ability. Eiko only has four Eidolons, but depending on what add-ons she has equipped, they will perform different attacks, so try to learn them all. Overall Battle Performance Score: 9

Overall Contribution: Eiko was the first child character in a Final Fantasy game since Palom and Parom, and you can see the marked improvements. Having two white mages in the game is nice, but don't put them both in your party at once or you won't get anywhere. Overall Contribution Score: 7

My Opinion: Eiko was at times annoying and at times bareable. It was neat how she used flutes as weapons though, that was something new for a white mage. My Opinion Score: 7

Eiko's Average Score: 7.5