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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who are you?
A: My name is Catherine, and I'm a junior at DePaul Univeristy in Chicago. If you'd like to know more about me, visit my website at

Q: Why a Final Fantasy site?
A: Because Final Fantasy games are hands down the greatest games ever made for any gaming platform -ever-. Well, that's in my opinion of course.

Q: If that's true, then why aren't all the FF games on your site?
A: I have not played Final Fantasy I, Final Fantasy Tactics, or Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. I know that Tactics was re-released, so I will get around to it. And I just bought Final Fantasy I and II (Origins) I'm so excited!! Don't count on Mystic Quest.

Q: Can you explain to me why Final Fantasy 2/4 and 3/6 are the same games?
A: That I can! In Japan, Final Fantasy I was released in 1987. In 1988, Final Fantasy II and III were released in Japan, but THOSE ARE NOT THE SAME GAMES AS THE ONES RELEASED FOR SUPER NINTENDO. Those version of Final Fantasy II and III are the original Japanese versions that were never released in America (until now, FFII is out along with FFI on a disk called Final Fantasy Origins!) In 1990, Final Fantasy I was released in America. When it came time to release Final Fantasy IV in 1991 in Japan, they decided to change the name from Final Fantasy IV to Final Fantasy II for their stateside audience, since people would be asking "Well what happened to two and three!?" The same thing happened with Final Fantasy's name was changed to three for America for the same reason (and also because five was not released in America until 1999, so they had to make something three!) Basically, it's all screwed up for America, but no one really seems to care all that much.

Q: Your page is neat! Can I use your code?
A: No, no, and NO. Even if you view the source, you won't get all of it, so don't try!

Q: Where did you get your pictures from?
A: Random places. Most of them I've had for quite a while and I don't know or remember. However, all the pictures on this site are either copyrighted by SquareSoft, who is credited on my links page, or Yoshitaka Amano art, who is also credited. But a lot of them, like the collages of pictures, are ones that we made, and we don't want you using them without our permission! You wouldn't like it if we stole your work, so don't steal ours!

Q: Can I link to your site at least?
A: Of course you can. And, we've even made some banners for you to use to do so. You can find them on the links page (under the Special menu.) Simply save the banner to your server and link it to the site at

Q: I have a comment or suggestion. How can I tell you about it?
A: You can e-mail me at Tokidoki or just sign the guestbook!