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I've decided not to go into huge detail with these characters. You can't really rate them in battle because they're all the same, and I didn't play enough of the game to judge them like this.

Feris. Feris -really- looks like man. In whatever picture I see of her. I know she's supposed to look like that, but still...a girl pirate? That's just not cool. That kind of ruined the whole Feris scene for me. But I understand her dilema, the whole stranded as a baby and such. But...damn. Feris needed to stay a man...even thought she was never a man...sigh. Just..sigh. That's all I have to say about her/him. Oh...and if I just ruined that surprise for you, it's your own fault, because I told you on the very first page not to read this if you don't know these things already. This isn't a walkthrough. Go to if you want walkthroughs.