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The future of the earth lies in the hands of the one born from the dragon; the one who hails the power of light. His mission: to protect the crystals from the powers of evil, save his loved ones, and to find the family he never knew he had.

My Review: Ah, Final Fantasy 4, or 2, whichever. This is my favorite Final Fantasy game. Why? Plot! Yeah...somehow it got left out of 8, but anyway. This game just came out for PSX, it's the real version, as I've heard, haven't played it yet. The one I'm reviewing is actually FFII for the Super Nintendo, but they're basically the same; same characters, just better translation and added graphics in the new one. I just love this game, all of the characters go so well together. The story was great for it's time..this is old school RPG we're talking about! All the classic elements are there, and it makes for exciting hours of gameplay. This game and FF6 were so close in the race for best game, but 4 pulled ahead because Kain is my favorite character of all time, it's that simple. By the way..if you own this game for the SNES, you can get about $60 for it, but why sell such a classic?

Game Rating: First