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Long ago, a war now known as the War of the Magi reigned across the land. 1000 years later, the world is again thriving in peace and prosperity. But the discovery of an Esper puts the world in danger as a team of warriors fight to stop a mad man from repeating the past.

My Review: Ahh, Final Fantasy 6 (or 3), which first came out for the Super Nintendo and then later re-released on PlayStation. This game was awesome--stuffed with 14 characters (2 hidden) and really cool minor characters that made a great story. I loved the opera scene in this game, it's really one of the most memorable scenes from any role-playing game. But the best part about it, to me, was that each character had their own little ending. No one was left out or forgotten or cheated, which shows that Square really took a lot of thought into planning this game. I used to have this game rated in second, but that was before 10 came out.

Game Rating: Third