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A once peaceful world is being torn down to nothingness by the ancient power of "Mu". As the crystals of the planet shatter, the winds cease, and meteors hail the planet from above. Only the four chosen warriors-a wanderer, a princess, an old man, and a pirate captain-can help bring this world back the peace it once knew.

My Review: Yes..well..FF5. So I was playing the game over last summer, and I just got to this point where I didn't feel like playing anymore. It's really not all that great of a game, and I can see why they never brought it to America in the first place. But anything is better than FF8, so I will put it on my page. I liked the game at beginning, of course I had high expectations for it, being inbetween two of the best games ever made. But learning jobs is tedious, so much so that you just don't want to play anymore. I know that I didn't get one of the characters..maybe one day I'll pick the game up again, but until then, here's what you get!

Game Rating: Sixth