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In a world being striped of it's own life source, Mako, a small mercenary group fights to stop the company in charge of destroying their world. What they discover leads them to the painful cries of a dying world. The fate of the people is placed into the hands of a young soldier who doesn't even exist.

My Review: Anyone who is anyone has played Final Fantasy 7 (though I don't think that everyone completely understood it ^^;) Here they are, the characters that everyone knows and loves...and hates. Now, this game has plague me with some confusion. I've heard that it wasn't finished, because shots of Aerith have been found on the final disk indicating that she was going to be used again? But those could just be for Game Genie, because I know you can bring her back with that. But the ending was..well, strange. It would make sense if the game wasn't actually finished, and they just put it out like it is, but I doubt that as well. I'll research.

Game Rating: Fourth