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A time of great peace and prosperity has fallen upon the land where special "Gardens" are used to train military soldiers called "SeeDs". Suddenly, the world becomes threatened by the presence of an evil witch. A young soldier finds himself fighting to save the world from a sourceress of the future as he tries to protect the one he loves.

My Review: Final Fantasy 8 has been a source of problems for me since I first put it up. I was extremely dissapointed with this game for a few reasons. Granted it had really awesome graphics for the PSX, and as always great music, but there was no real story line. The characters were not full of depth like in all the other games, and were filled with strange twists, like how they all somehow grew up together? That was lame. They also didn't go through any significant revelation, except for Laguna. Squall was full of angst in the beginning, and at the end he only slightly changed. Role playing games are played for the story line, not soley for action, and this game was seriously lacking in it's most important element.

Game Rating: Seventh