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In a world threatened by raging wars, the people of Gaia rely on a boy and his friends to help stop the fighting, and help the people see who the real enemy is. In a time of great distress, eight warriors must find strength from within to pull through personal dillemas, save each other, and keep their world from being obliterated.

My Review: Final Fantasy IX. This game shocked me. Why? Well, when I first started to play it, it was the day it came out, of course..but then about halfway through the game I found I just didn't have time to play it anymore (damn school) and that was sad, because it was shaping out to be a rather interesting game. Well, finally, after a few months, and lots of letters telling that the FFIX section was not up yet, (Duh. You think I wouldn't know?) I finished the game. And wow!! I expected nothing like what we got! That was the best ending to a video game I've ever seen, everything was wrapped up, no character got left out. It was nice and long, and well, I won't give it away, but wow!! It was really fantastic I thought, and it just made the game even more enjoyable for me. Thank you Square, for giving an ending worthy of the FF name!

Game Rating: Fifth