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Gau - "Draped in monster hides, eyes shining with intelligence. A youth surviving against all odds.."

Story Line: Gau is also first met in Sabin's senario. After Sabin falls down onto the Veldt, he meets Gau. Visit Mobliz, then venture back out onto the Veldt, where Gau will join your party ("Gauuuu! I'm your friend!") Gau was left on the Veldt to survive on his own as a child. Later, if you visit Gau's father's house (solitary house in the north) with Gau and Sabin, Sabin will get Gau all dressed up and take him to meet his father again. Sad part? His father says he doesn't have a son and that children are bad. Gau accepts that, though, and moves on, back to the life he has always known. Story Line Score: 8

Overall Battle Performance: Gau is different from the other characters in battle because he cannot be controlled. Gau has the special skill Rage, which is like blue magic, except he actually becomes that enemy for the whole battle. You can learn differnt Rages by fighting with Gau on the Veldt. Just tell him to leap, and when he comes back, he will have learned many new Rages. Be careful of which Rage you choose, because some do elemental attacks that will cure the enemy rather than harm them. Rages last until the battle is over or until Gau dies. Overall Battle Performance Score: 8

Overall Contribution: Gau was just a cute little character to kind of lighten things up in the story. He always made you smile when he talked, and he was always welcome in your party. Remember, to get Gau back in the WoR, you must only have three people in your party, and I think that you can't get him until after you get Cyan (Mr. Thou.) Overall Contribution Score: 8

My Opinion: I loved Gau! He was so cute and funny. I was always really happy when I got to have Gau in my party because he always said the funniest things. I didn't really like to battle with him, because getting used to all his Rages took a while. But that was his only flaw. My Opinion Score: 10

Gau's Average Score: 8.5