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What about Gogo and Umaro? Well...I can't really rate them. Gogo and Umaro are hidden characters and really only add to battles. So, instead of rating, I'll just give a little explination.

This is the very controversial character Gogo. To get him/her, visit Triangle Island in the WoR, and allow your entire party to get sucked up by a Zoneseek. This will take you under ground and through a cave. You can get some pretty good items down there, too. Gogo is said to be an array of people, from Banon to Daryl. Turns out that Gogo is actually a character from FFV, who teaches you the Mimic job. Gogo is the best character in battle because he can mimic any of the other character's skills. Just go to the Status menu and select them. I suggest putting Tools and Blitz on him. Try all different combinations to use this hidden character to his full effect.