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Story Line: This is Golbez. "But you said only playable characters!" I know, I know. But, you do get Golbez on your side at the end. Golbez is evil for almost the whole game, until you find out that he's being controlled by this -really- evil guy Zeromus. And wow! He's Cecil's brother! Now that was a fabulous plot twist. And at the end he helps everyone out and Cecil forgives him and all is well. Enough to bring a tear to your eye. Story Line Score: 10

Overall Battle Performance: Well, since he never really fights...this category is omitted for Golbez.

Overall Contribution: Golbez provided the major story line for the story. He was the bad-guy-turned-good-guy of the game, and he made the best plot twist ever. And he can use Meteo, which is cool in itself. Overall Contribution Score: 10

My Opinion: Golbez was so high-class. He couldn't help the whole evil thing, he was being controlled from the moon. And at the end he helped you beat the game. Without that crystal he gave you, you wouldn't have gotten anywhere in that battle. My Opinion Score: 10

Golbez's Average Score: 10