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Story Line: Kain, my favorite character in the game! Cecil's best friend; he was being controlled by Golbez, who was being controlled by Zeromus. Kain became good for a while, then he became evil again, then he came back. And he loved Rosa, creating a nice little love triangle. The only problem I have with Kain's story line was the ending! "I'm going to find myself?" What was that? But I guess they couldn't have him at the wedding, that would've been hard for him. So SquareSoft, I understand the way things are. Kain provided the lovely subplot to the game, as well as indroducing dragoons to the game series. But I have to give him a 9 for that ending...Story Line Score: 9

Overall Battle Performance: Kain is a dragoon. Dragoons are dedicated knights that learn a special technique called jump, which when used makes them jump off the screen. When they come back, they do major damage to the enemy at hand. Hey, that was high-class technology in those days, you don't see Squall jumping off the screen. Also notice how Kain usually was the last one alive if you were struggling. The only down side is that if you cast a spell on him either right before or while he's in the jump, it won't get cast on him. But hey, there's a price to pay for gaining the best (okay, my favorite..) technique in the series. Overall Battle Performance Score: 10

Overall Contribution: Kain's subplot story line provided a good change of events during the game, and you were always happy when he came back (admit it!) He is also unequaled in battle performance, making Kain a very worthy character. Overall Contribution Score: 10

My Opinion: I don't believe you could have beaten the game without Kain. Well, I'm sure you could, so don't send me mail about it! But he was so awesome in battle why would you -want- to beat the game without him. I hated the ending, but I can overlook that in light of everything else. My Opinion Score: 10

Kain's Average Score: 9.8