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Links and Credits

This section of the page is where you can find helpful links, banners for linking to the site, and also pages, people, or tools that have helped in making this site.

I, Catherine Hauser, designed this page. I wrote all of the HTML except for the menu, which I got from the JavaScript Source site listed below. I made the menu my own, however, by changing the colors and cursors and adding in what I needed.
Mr Lucius
Joshua Rathburn helped me make the collages found around the site. We used JACS Paint Shop Pro 5.0 and 7.0.
This is the SquareSoft website, makers of all things Final Fantasy. All characters, names, titles, games, and most pictures are copyrighted to them, and all the credit in the world is given to them for making such wonderful games.
Amano's World - The Art of Yoshitaka Amano
Yoshitaka Amano is the conceptual artist for all of Final Fantasy's characters (except for Final Fantasy 8..they just got a bad start at that game!) This site contains a lot of his pictures, which can be found at various places around the internet since they are so popular. His website, however, has some very good information about him and more of his art. Check it out!
The JavaScript Souce: Free JavaScripts, Tutorials, Example Code, References, Resources, and Help
This is a great site for anything JavaScript. The code for the menu system of this page was downloaded from this site (Choose "Navigation", and then choose the script "Cascade Menu".) The original code was created by Arun Kumar Webmaster Resources, Website Tools, Free Guestbooks, Hit Counters, Greeting Cards is a wonderful site for webmasters looking for features such as guestbooks and hit counters. Bravenet also has a variety of other freatures, like web hosting, fast url, announcers, and internet searchers. The counter and guestbook on this site are services of (except, since this is only a school project, the guestbook does not link to anywhere and the counter is set to a random number.)

Some banners: