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Locke - "Treasure hunter and trail worn traveller, searching the world over for relics of the past..."

Story Line: Locke appears in the game as Terra's bodygaurd. He takes her from Narshe to South Figaro and then to the Returners hideout, finally getting her to join their side. Locke, however, has a deeper story. A while back her was in love with a girl named Racheal. Locke was unable to save her when she fell to her death on one of their treasure hunts, and it has haunted him for his entire life. Locke takes the Pheonix magicite to Racheal in the WoR, and she comes back to life just long enough to tell him that she wants him to move on. This frees Locke from his past, and at the end he lives his life out happily (with Celes?) Story Line Score: 9

Overall Battle Performance: Locke can use weapons like boomerangs and dirks, some of them are pretty powerful. His special skill is Steal, which steals an item from an ememy. With the Theif Glove relic, you can change Steal into Capture, which steals and does damage (like mug.) This works out really well, especailly if you're low on items. Make sure to look at the discription his weapons, because most of the time they are long range, so you can keep Locke in the back if you like. Overall Battle Performance Score: 8

Overall Contribution: Again, another cool story line that really added to the game. The only thing I would have liked to see cleared up would be the Locke-Celes thing they had going on. But otherwise, great job on this character. Overall Contribution Score: 8

My Opinion: Locke was definatly cool. I liked his little senario in the beginning, that was great. His capture ability was really usful in battle if you needed an extra item or two as well. Overall, I really liked him. My Opinion Score: 9

Locke's Average Score: 8.5