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Story Line: Lulu is one of the Yuna's original guardians who starts with her on her pilgrimage from Besaid. She is a strong black magic user who also has a cold personality towards Tidus at first. This is because Lulu used to be in love with Chappu, Wakka's brother, who recently passed away. Wakka compares Tidus to Chappu, but Lulu knows that no one could replace him. Later in the game you also find out that Lulu had been on a previous pilgrimage, but it had failed, and so she had failed as a guardian. With Yuna as almost a little sister to Lulu, she is determined not to fail this time, and will stand by Yuna and your party in any given situation, even if it means going against what she was taught to believe in. Story Line Score: 10

Overall Battle Performance: Final Fantasy X has a completely new battle system and magic system to go along with all the other changes to this fabulous game. In battle, it is not only possible to change the weapons and armor of the characters, but it is also possible to switch characters around, even bring in ones that are not in your party. This is a great advantage, because you can use everyone's skills to defeat enemies and bosses instead of blindly going into battle and hoping you picked good characters. Weapons are bought at shops, as usual, and come with special abilities attached and also with the ability to customize your own abilities. But perhaps the most interesting part of Final Fantasy X's battle system is the Sphere Grid, an elaborate web of spheres which contain power ups and also abilities each character can learn. With spheres won in battle, your characters can eventually cover the entire grid, learning every spell and gaining ever power up they can get. Each character has their own color, so you can see where everyone else is and has been around the grid. Each character also has and Overdrive, special attacks they can perform depending on which setting you choose. Lulu has the most unique weapons of any Final Fantasy game: ufo chatcher dolls! That's right, her physical attacks are not made by Lulu herself, but are made by a little doll of either a Moogle, Cait Sith, a Cactar or that lion thing that was in FF8. Of course, they hardly do any damage, but some inflict status attacks, and they're so cute to watch. Lulu's real strength is her black magic, and although everyone can learn it, she is the most powerful user. Overall Battle Performance Score: 8

Overall Contribution: One of the great things about this game is that it has the best female characters. Lulu wasn't really lacking in any department, and she did have a cool outfit, if nothing else. Props to -strong- black magic users. Overall Contribution Score: 10

My Opinion: As I said above, this game is all about good female characters. Not that I'm a big fem-nazi or anything, but it's just nice to see some non-white mage girl charries. Lulu was cool because she's got that whole gothic thing going on, which is probably new to Final Fantasy. But really, you can't beat those weapons. My Opinion Score: 10

Lulu's Average Score: 9.5