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Mog - "Human-loving, fast-talking, street-smart, SLAM-dancing Moogle..."

Story Line: This is Mog, the Moogle. Mog is what I call a semi-hidden character. To get Mog, you must go to Narshe and go to the solitary house on the right. There you will find a wolf, and you must follow him to get to Mog. But, in order for Mog to join your party, you must fight the Esper Tritoch. After this happens, the wolf will be on one side of the cliff with a golden hairpin, and Mog will be on the other. Hum, who should you save? IF YOU WANT MOG IN YOUR PARTY BEFORE THE WoR, SAVE MOG. Why should you save Mog when you can just get him back in the WoR? Because then you can't learn the Water Rando, which is his coolest dance, if you don't. And you'll get two gold hairpins's your call, but I'd save Mog. Since Mog is so easily lost, he has no story line. You learn nothing about Mog...but what is there to learn about a Moogle? Story Line Score: 3

Overall Battle Performance: Mog can use spears and such, but I would recommend using his dances. They all have different effects, and every now and then, he cures your party, almost fully. Sometimes Mog stumbles, it happens to the best of us, so just keep trying and he'll get there. But remember, you cannot control Mog when he is in a dance, and dances last for the rest of the battle or until he dies. It is not a cool thing to have Mog and Gau in the same party, so choose wisely between the two. Overall Battle Performance Score: 8

Overall Contribution: You can play this game without Mog...but why would you want to do that? When you get Mog back in the WoR, click the OK button right where he was standing, you'll get the relic Moogle Charm. With this relic equiped, you don't run into any random battles. Nice if you're in a hurry. That's a lovely contribution. Overall Contribution Score: 5

My Opinion: I'm indifferent to Mog. He's cool to have...but I never really battled with him. If your one of those people who have to have everyone before going on to fight Kefka, then get him. But you can play without Mog and not lose any of the story. My Opinion Score: 6

Mog's Average Score: 5.5