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Red XIII (Nanaki)

Story Line: Nanaki, or Red X as I call him, joins your party when you save him and Aerith from the evil (awesome) scientist Hojo. Red XIII is the laboratory name given to him; Nanaki is his real name. You don't really mean to take him along, it just kind of happens. But he proves useful to your party, because of Bugenhagen, the old man that hovers. He provides you with very useful information about what's going on with the planet. Nanaki has a side story line about his Father, Seto. Seems Nanaki thought that his father had left them and that he was a giant discrace..but really, his father had saved everyone in the village. This makes Nanaki proud, and he decides to help you save the planet. Story Line Score: 8

Overall Battle Performance: Final Fantasy VII's battle system contains magic which can be learned through the use of Materia. Materia is concentrated Mako energy, and can control the elements, abilities for the character, different battle changes, and summon monsters. All characters can be equal in magical powers, you just have to battle to have them learn the magics. The real differences between the characters in battle are their weapons and limit break techs (the more the character gets hurt, the more angry they get, when they get really mad, they get a limit break.) Nanaki fights with hair accessories. What more can I say. Overall Battle Performance Score: 10

Overall Contribution: The game could've done without Nanaki himself, but where would you be without loveable old Bugenhagen? No where! You wouldn't know what the hell was going on. I don't generally like old people in games, but this guy takes the cake. So Nanaki, you get relation points. Overall Contribution Score: 10

My Opinion: I didn't particularily like Nanaki. He had really cool music though, and he was way better than Barret. So, in conclusion, Nanaki fights with hair accessories. My Opinion Score: 5

Nanaki's Average Score: 8.3