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UFO Chatcher Dolls Order Form

UFO Catcher doll? What's that? Well, you know those vending machines where you put money in and then you move the crane around and hope it picks up a stuffed animal? Those are big in Japan, and they're called UFO catchers. So naturally, the dolls obtained that name. I am offering these three extremely rare dolls from Final Fantasy VII to the public.

Sephiroth - $150
Product Number - 3375

Aerith - $80
Product Number - 3376

Cid - $75
Product Number - 3377

Please use the form below to make your purchase. ALL FIELDS MUST BE FILLED OUT IN ORDER TO COMPLETE YOUR TRANSACTION. There aren't that many. You can do it.
Enter quantity of each doll you
wish to purchase:
Sephiroth - 3375
Aerith - 3376
Cid - 3377
Place dollar amount of selected
shipping method in box:
Standard Shipping - $3
Express Shipping - $4
Overnight Shipping - $5
First Name:
Last Name:
Credit Card Number:
Address (Street, City, State, ZIP):

Notice: This is only a school project, hence, you can't really buy these dolls from me. I don't even own them. If I did, I would never sell them. And yes, those are acutal prices! These dolls are very rare.