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Palom and Parom

Story Line: This is Palom, the little black wizard who joins your party after the Liviathan incident. He and his white wizard twin sister, Parom, were assigned by their elder to join Cecil on his quest to become a Paladin (well, they were supposed to spy on him.) They stay with your party until you run into Golbez in the castle, and they turn themselves into stone in order to save everyone from the crushing walls. But later at the giant robot scene (the best in the game!) they come back. Story Line Score: 8

Overall Battle Performance: Palom is a black wizard, and he can perform a few low level black magic spells. You should have him equipped with some sort of rod. Porom should be equipped with a staff. However, their best attack, called Twin, can be performed if -both- of them are alive and -continue to stay alive- during the time they're summoning. This attack has both of them join forces, and they either do an attack called Flare or an attack called Comet. These are your most powerful magics at the time, and are really cool. Each costs around 10 MP points. Overall Battle Performance Score: 7

Overall Contribution: These two basically sacrificed themselves to save the lives of everyone else...what more of a contribution could there be! Overall Contribution Score: 10

My Opinion: Palom and Porom were great in this game; it's nice to have little kid characters who can do some decent damage. I was so sad when they turned to stone. I heard there is an item in the game that can change them back to normal, but I don't know if this is true, e-mail me about it if you know anything. But they turn back to normal anyway. That was the reason that the giant scene was my favorite part. My Opinion Score: 9

Palom and Parom's Average Score: 8.5