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Quina Quen - Indulgence - "I do what I want! You have a problem?!"

Story Line: Quina is somewhat of a hidden character. To get him/her, go to the marsh lands and talk to the Quina-ish thing in the house. Quina's sole purpose for traveling with you is to taste all the food of the world. This is his/hers master's wish. Eventually Quina becomes friends with everyone and then never goes away. If you go to that cave just outside of Treno, you'll discover that Quina's grandfather (?) actually took care of Vivi when he was young. Story Line Score: 5

Overall Battle Performance: The battle system in FFIX is much more traditional Final Fantasy in that each character gets the option to attack, do a special skill, or use an item. The main difference is that every character can use magic. Different skills, called abilities, are learned from weapons, armor, and accessories. Abilities can then be equipped to a character, giving a wide range of choice for each battle. Magic is learned in the same way, but doesn't need to be equipped. FFIX has the Trance mode, in which a character turns a glowing white, and aquires special hidden powers during this time. Quina is a blue mage, which means it can learn magic from enemies. To do this, get an enemy down to a low amount of HP, and then have Quina "Eat" it. Yes, eating things lets Quina learn their magic. It's quite appropriate. Some of this magic is helpful, like vanish. I assume you can Vanish/Doom things in this game in the same way you could in FFVI, though I never got vanish so I never tried. If you actually use Quina, you'll need to collect forks, because this is Quina's weapon of choice. Overall Battle Performance Score: 6

Overall Contribution: Quina really provides nothing but comic relief. Though, it is fun to play the frog catching game - you can get some good items from that as well. Overall Contribution Score: 5

My Opinion: I don't like Quina at all. It was annoying and stupid. It was funny, however, when Quina married Vivi. Poor Vivi. My Opinion Score: 4

Quina's Average Score: 5.0