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Relm - "In her pictures she captures everything: forests, water, light...The very essensce of life..."

Story Line: This is Relm, who joins your party after you find out about the goddess statues. Relm has come along to protect her grandfather, Strago. Throughout the game, Relm constantly makes fun of her grandfather and always gives him a hard time. But in the end, she admits that she really does care about him and that she will always be there to protect him when in trouble. She even paints his portriat. Story Line Score: 9

Overall Battle Performance: Relm's staves do not do very much damage in battle, but her paintbrushes work very nicely. Relm's special skill is called Sketch. When used, she picks one of the enemies on screen and "sketches" them; this gives her the power to use one of it's attacks against it. This works really well in the desert outside of Miranda in the WoR. This could also be turned into Control with a relic, which confuses the enemy. Relm's strong point is her magic--she is the strongest magic user in the game. Be sure to have Relm learn every magic, and equip her with a Golden Hairpin. Overall Battle Performance Score: 10

Overall Contribution: Relm and her grandfather add yet another story line to the game. She is fabulous to use in battle, making her a very well-rounded character. Overall Contribution Score: 9

My Opinion: Relm was the fourth person I always picked to be in my party. You've always got to have a strong magic user in battle with her. Her magic skills are top notch, since she was born with them and all. And Shadow is her father? That was a neat plot twist. My Opinion Score: 10

Relm's Average Score: 9.5