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Rinoa Heartilly

I really -really- disliked this game. So much so that I will simply give my opinions on the characters and nothing more. They don't really deserve to be rated.

"One minute please, I have to go flirt with Squall some more even though he won't even notice me because he's too lost in self-pity." Geez. She would've been better off with Seifer, in my opinion. Rinoa feels left out, because she's the only one who didn't grow up in the orphanage. Aw, one tear for Rinoa. But that's okay, because Rinoa has a purpose, right? No! She just goes along on the journey because she likes Squall. Then she gets some powers, and for the rest of the game she just causes a lot of trouble. Her worst part in the game? Saving her in space. Leaving her in the coffin of outerspace would have been a nice touch. Maybe it's just me.