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Story Line: Rydia enters the game right in the beginning when Cecil and Kain bring a package to her village, but what they didn't know is that the package contained fire that destroyed the city and also killed Rydia's mother. Cecil vows not to listen to the King of Baron any longer, and he takes Rydia with him because he feels bad for her. Rydia later is eaten by Laviathan, leaving the party until the first underworld fight with Golbez. She then comes back (without her white magic) with a few call spells (summons) and saves the battle. She stays with you for the rest of the game, building a little relationship with Edge as she grows older. Story Line Score: 10

Overall Battle Performance: In the beginning, Rydia has a -very- low amount of HP. She, throughout the game, continues to build her levels very slowly, always having about half the HP of the other characters. Her magic, however, is very useful. After she comes back to your party, you can see that she has learned some black magic, and call spells. If you build her up to about level 60, you will get Meteo, unquestionably the best magic in the game. Her summon spells are also very powerful, especially if you get Bahamut. This makes Rydia a very high asset to battles...when she's not dead. Overall Battle Performance Score: 9

Overall Contribution: Taking into consideration that Cecil was excellent in battle and added very nicely to the storyline, he was overall a high-quality character. Overall Contribution Score: 9

My Opinion: Rydia is really cool because throughout the game she changes, not only growing older but also in the type of magic she casts. She's sort of like a red mage, though she can't use black and white at the same time. Her summon spells are the best, but she really needed to get more HP! To help keep her alive, use Cecil to cover her. My Opinion Score: 8

Rydia's Average Score: 9.0