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Sabin - "Edgar's twin brother, who traded the throne for his own freedom."

Story Line: Sabin is Edgar's twin brother, and his story goes along with Edgar's. After losing the throne, Sabin went off to train, thus becoming very strong. Sabin joins your party after the fight with Duncan's son. Sabin goes through issues with his brother, like why didn't Edgar cry when their parents died (he needed to stay strong because that's what Kings do..gotta defend Edgar.) All this becomes resolved, and Sabin is very content with his life and with his brother's decisions. Story Line Score: 10

Overall Battle Performance: Sabin can use claws, but, like his brother, his real strength lies in his specail skill, called Blitz. Ever play Street Fighter? Bring out your controller rotation skills and jump into a battle with Sabin. He has 6 different Blitzes in all, each with a different effect. Bum Rush is the best for one enemy, inflicting about 7000 hp damage. Air Blade is the best for multiple enemies, doing about 1000-2000 hp damage to each enemy. He also has Blitzes that cure. Just get used to using them, and you're home free. Overall Battle Performance Score: 10

Overall Contribution: The Sabin and Edgar story was great, you don't see any of those kinds of stories any more in games; it was a really nice touch. Plus Sabin is so good in battle, so you really can't go wrong! Overall Contribution Score: 10

My Opinion: Sabin tied on the coolness scale with Edgar. He was always in my party, and was second on my list for Kefka only to Edgar. Not that I wanted to, but I just couldn't seperate them. I felt bad when I had too. And he helped Gau get all ready to see his father, which was really nice of him. Sabin: prince and good samaritan. My Opinion Score: 10

Sabin's Average Score: 10