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Setzer - "A Black-Jack playing, world traveling, casino dwelling free spirit..."

Story Line: Setzer comes to your rescue..kind of..when you're at the Opera House. See, he was just going to kidnap Maria, then he sees that he has Celes..and all her friends. So why not help some stole-aways out, aye? Of course! Please, you think they'd make a Final Fantasy game without an airship? Setzer's story line revoles around Daryl, the girl who owned the only other airship in the world, the Falcon. Setzer would always race Daryl, but one day she got lost, and never returned. Evidence would point to her being Gogo, but it is also said that Gogo is actually a character from FFV. In any case, Setzer makes peace with the loss of his friend, and continues to reach her goals for her. Story Line Score: 10

Overall Battle Performance: Setzer can only use weapons realted to gambling (cards, darts, fixed dice...) and certain knives. His special skill is called Slot, and is really cool, depending on what you get. All chocobos with bring the Chocobop, which hurts grounded enimies, all diamonds will bring 7-Flush, which is a cool non-elemental attack against all enemies. These are the most common. Others include all bars (Judgement), all dragons (Solar Flare), and all 7's (I don't know, never got this before.) This skill can also be changed into Coin Toss with a relic. If you have a lot of money to waste, go for it because it does a lot of damage. But remember it does use GP. Overall Battle Performance Score: 10

Overall Contribution: Setzer gives you not one, but -two- airships. -Two-. How's that for a contribution. He's also really cool with his whole gambling thing, and you can't deny that. Overall Contribution Score: 10

My Opinion: Setzer, like Edgar and Sabin, was always in my party. He was my third favorite character, and he was awesome to have in battle. Without Setzer, I would be stuck on the same continent the whole game. Props to the airships. My Opinion Score: 10

Setzer's Average Score: 10