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Shadow - "He owes allegiance to no one, and will do anything for money. He comes and goes like the wind..."

Story Line: You first meet Shadow at the Cafe in South Figaro. Everyone is afriad of him because he'll do -anything- for money. Not only do you get Shadow, but you also get his dog, Interceptor, who helps you out in battle. Shadow's story is not directly told, but you can sleep at any Inn with him and you will be shown clips of his past. Turns out he's actually Relm's father. Surprised? Yeah, me too, but that would explain why Interceptor was so friendly to her, and why he saved her from the fire. -And- why Shadow can also wear the Memento Ring (the one that was given to Relm by her mother before she died, which only she and Shadow can wear.) Shadow could have been in the game more for my taste. Story Line Score: 7

Overall Battle Performance: Shadow is really cool in battle because his weapons are pretty good. Interceptor also comes out sometimes and does huge damage to enemies. Shadow's special skill is the Throw command, which lets you throw most items in your inventory (like Ninja Stars.) Shadow can be a real advantage when you have him in your party. Overall Battle Performance Score: 10

Overall Contribution: Shadow is cool because in the WoB, he always shows up if you only have three memebers in your party. One tip for Shadow: When on the floating island, if you do not wait for him before jumping off into the airship, HE WILL BE GONE FOREVER. Yes, FOREVER. And you don't want that to happen. In conclusion, always wait for Shadow, no matter if it seems like total demise would be your only reward. Overall Contribution Score: 8

My Opinion: Shadow is cool, I respect Shadow. Again, my only problem is that he wasn't in the game enough, I mean, he wasn't a hidden character, so they could have used him a little more. But, I assume the reason for this is that you can lose him very easily, so they could not have done anything major with him. I understand, SquareSoft. I remember when I was playing on was on the phone with my friend, and I was right at the jumping off the floating island part, the one I mentioned above. My friend told me to wait for Shadow, and I remember yelling in the phone "HE'S NOT COMING! 20 SECONDS LEFT! I'M LEAVING!" And my friend said "NO! WAIT FOR SHADOW, HE WILL COME! HE ALWAYS COMES!" And sure enough, at the last second, he did come. LoL, sorry, Final Fantsy flashback. My Opinion Score: 9

Shadow's Average Score: 8.5