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Captain Adelbert Steiner - Dilemma - "Having sworn fealty, must I spend my life in servitude?"

Story Line: Steiner is the captain of the Knights of Pluto, and personal lackee of anyone who tells him to do something. When the theater group is kidnapping Garnet, Steiner follows along, and in turn gets stuck with you for the rest of the game, since he will not leave Garnet's side. Steiner is a very stern character who insists on following royal orders, so you can imagine that he was devestated to learn that Queen Bryne was actually trying to hurt her own daughter. Through the game he learns that he is a person too, who can make decisions based on his own judgment. Steiner finds that friends are more important than anything, and at the end he gets together with Beatrix, and also becomes the royal gaurdian to Queen Garnet. Story Line Score: 8

Overall Battle Performance: The battle system in FFIX is much more traditional Final Fantasy in that each character gets the option to attack, do a special skill, or use an item. The main difference is that every character can use magic. Different skills, called abilities, are learned from weapons, armor, and accessories. Abilities can then be equipped to a character, giving a wide range of choice for each battle. Magic is learned in the same way, but doesn't need to be equipped. FFIX has the Trance mode, in which a character turns a glowing white, and aquires special hidden powers during this time. Being a knight, Steiner's weapons are, of course, swords. This is a good thing, because if we've learned anything from previous Final Fantasy games, swords are the among the most power weapons. I think it's best to keep Steiner and Vivi in the same party, because they can team up to do a magical sword attack. When he goes into trance mode, his normal attacks do almost twice the damage, so you can imagine how powerful they are. Steiner also has some abilities that can weaken an enemies strength and defence and such, so check those out as well. Overall Battle Performance Score: 9

Overall Contribution: Though Steiner became really annoying at some points, he did lend some comic moments, and helped out a lot in battle when you needed him. Overall Contribution Score: 8

My Opinion: I didn't really care too much for Steiner. He got on my nerves a lot. But he was friends with Vivi, and he was good in battle, so he wasn't a total loss. My Opinion Score: 7

Steiner's Average Score: 8.0