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Story Line: Tellah is introduced in the beginning of the story when he goes off searching for his daughter Anna, who eloped with a Bard (Edward.) When he finds her, he sees her just in time to say goodbye before she dies. Tellah goes the rest of his life in the game trying to avenge his daughter's death. He dies, however, using his last bit of strength to call Meteo (though he doesn't have enough MP to use it at that point...) Story Line Score: 1

Overall Battle Performance: Tellah was a very forgetful red mage. While you have him in your party, he knows a few good black magics and a few good white ones. Like Rydia, Tellah can use staves or rods, and like all staves in rods in any Final Fantasy game, they do the least amount of damage. Then suddenly, he remembers all of his old magic, which I believe is every spell in the game. But don't get too excited, you loose him almost right after that. Tellah did, however, provide a lot of help at the start of the game with his cure magic. Overall Battle Performance Score: 7

Overall Contribution: Tellah did not contribute very much to the game for me...I can't even think of anything to type here, that's how memorable he is. Overall Contribution Score: 1

My Opinion: Was Tellah in the game for any reason? I would seriously like to know, so if you know why, e-mail me. I didn't like Tellah at all; he was old, yet not wise. I wasn't all that sad when I lost him, because I knew that whoever I got next would be better than him, even if I didn't get anyone else. And not that it has any impact on my scoring, but that Amano art of Tellah over there scares the hell out of me. My Opinion Score: 1

Tellah's Average Score: 2.5