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Story Line: The main chracter in Final Fantasy X is Tidus, the teenage blitzball player from a place called Zanarkand. Tidus is in the middle of a match when Sin, a large ball of evil decides to crash the party, taking Tidus and Auron to a place called Spira. Here, Tidus joins Yuna, a local summoner, and her guardians on her pilgrimage to defeat Sin. At first no one believes Tidus that he's from Zanarkand, because in Spira, that city was destroyed over 1000 years ago. Tidus is a cheerful guy though, and stays high spirited through a lot of his journey, concidering the circumstances. What circumstances? Well, Yuna is going to die, Auron -is- dead, his -father- is Sin, and oh yes, he's only a part of dream that the fayths are keeping alive. Tough luck, huh? But Tidus stays determinded to set things right in Spira, and protect his friends..and the one he loves. Story Line Score: 10

Overall Battle Performance: Final Fantasy X has a completely new battle system and magic system to go along with all the other changes to this fabulous game. In battle, it is not only possible to change the weapons and armor of the characters, but it is also possible to switch characters around, even bring in ones that are not in your party. This is a great advantage, because you can use everyone's skills to defeat enemies and bosses instead of blindly going into battle and hoping you picked good characters. Weapons are bought at shops, as usual, and come with special abilities attached and also with the ability to customize your own abilities. But perhaps the most interesting part of Final Fantasy X's battle system is the Sphere Grid, an elaborate web of spheres which contain power ups and also abilities each character can learn. With spheres won in battle, your characters can eventually cover the entire grid, learning every spell and gaining ever power up they can get. Each character has their own color, so you can see where everyone else is and has been around the grid. Each character also has and Overdrive, special attacks they can perform depending on which setting you choose. Tidus uses swords in battle, which are pretty powerful if you've got a lot of strength spears behind your belt. Tidus can perform a few techniques unique to him in the beginning, like cheer and provoke, but they aren't really worth it. His Overdrives, which you can learn by performing certain numbers of successful overdrives, are great to use because they vary from multi-enemy hits to single enemy hits. Overall, Tidus is good to use in battle, if you have him strong enough to be worthy of being in battle with say, Auron. Overall Battle Performance Score: 9

Overall Contribution: Tidus's story line was so well written. There weren't any parts of the game where I could guess what was going to happen to him next, which is always a big plus. It's also nice to see a main chracter who isn't the most powerful one in battle. Overall Contribution Score: 10

My Opinion: I loved Tidus's story line, but I neglected him a bit in battle, so I had to go and train him up to be good enough to battle with everyone else. I was never annoyed by him. That should give him the ten right there. My Opinion Score: 10

Tidus's Average Score: 9.8