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Final Fantasy VII - The TURKs - ShinRa Electric Power Company

They wear suits with ties. They wear sunglasses inside. They have catchy music. They only work when getting paid. Who are they? The TURKs, of course! Am I the only one with a TURKs Shrine? How can you not love these little Tactical Union Recon Killers. Well, we've all played FFVII, obviously, so is there really a need to explain who the TURKs are? Yes of course there is. Nobody likes President Shinra, so we'll go right for Rufus, who, on many levels, controlled the TURKs...

"People are ignorant. They'll feel better as long as someone is punished." This, of course, is Rufus. After his father died, he became President of the Shinra company. His goal? To control the world through fear. You battle Rufus, but you never actually kill him, he just runs away like any smart person would do. The saddest part in the game: When Rufus dies. Please. Rufus did a lot for his company...alright alright, but still, it was sadder than when Aerith died. So he sacrificed the well-being of the planet to serve himself, what else do Presidents do, right? He's got some nice lines, so pay attention to them.

"I wouldn't try that.... You just might make me injure our special guest." This is Tseng, leader of the TURKs. His basic mission in the game is capture Aerith. Tseng and Aerith actually grew up together, and Tseng had a little thing for her until he started to like Elena. Tseng was killed by Sephy..he possibly could've gotten out with help..but..I don't know. I don't like his receeding hairline thing, it creeps me out.

"They always talk about who they like or don't like. But Tseng is different." Elena is the newly recruited TURK who takes her job very seriously. She is, however, a bit whiney, and gets on everyone's nerves every now and then, but deep down everyone really does care about her, and she knows that. So, she lets the insults slide, and moves on with her life. I really like Elena, because she's pretty much the best female in the game. She also has a thing for Tseng..I think because she respects him the most, and because he stops the others from making fun of her. But I personally think she'd go better with Hojo.

"Shut up Elena. You're making me sober." Reno. Rufus and Reno are the two coolest Turks. It seems like you're always fighting Reno. He's awesome because he seems to be the real leader of the TURKs (after Tseng dies of course.) All the rest of them follow his directions, most likely because Elena is afriad of him and Rude has nothing better to do. He also says the funniest things, and lives by TURK values down to the core. If I were in the game, I would definatly want to be friends with this guy.

"...Don't worry, I'll do my job." This is Rude, the bald-headed TURK. He always lived up to his name! Rude just happens to be in love with Tifa, but he'll only tell that to fact, Rude only tells things to Reno period. He doesn't talk much, but is a good fighter...pretty much the opposite of Elena. Rude has his moments. Best newbie quote -ever-: "I got bored of Rude so I killed him."

"The gate of tomorrow is not the light of heaven, but the darkness in the depths of the Earth." Yes, yes, it's Vincent. See...Vincent is complicated; go look at his character profile for a bio. I'm a huge Hojo fan; gotta love the mad scientist. And since Vincent is bent on his distruction for well, ruining his life...I can't like him. He'd be cool if he were on Hojo's side...but he's not. He -was- a TURK way back when though, so he gets to be on this page. Vampires are cool...yes.