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What about Gogo and Umaro? Well...I can't really rate them. Gogo and Umaro are hidden characters and really only add to battles. So, instead of rating, I'll just give a little explination.

This is Umaro, the Yhetti, if you will. To get Umaro, you first must get Mog, then he'll tell you about a sasquatch that lives in the mountins that would be lonely without Mog, and he'd probably come with you. Go up to where you fought Tritoch with Mog, there is now another path leading into some more mines. This is where you will find Umaro. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE MOG IN YOUR PARTY, HE WILL ATTACK YOU. Then you'll have to do it alllllll over again. Umaro cannot be controlled in battle, but if equipped with the Blizzard Orb or the Rage Ring, he can do some pretty cool things. The Blizzard Orb summons an ice storm, and the Rage Ring causes him to pick up one of your characters and throw them at the enemy for a lot of damage points. Don't miss this guy!