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Vincent Valentine

Story Line: This is Vincent Valentine, the former TURK turned experimentee turned ShinRa outlaw. Vincent is a hidden character, you can obtain him by opening the safe in the ShinRa Mansion, deafting the boss, getting the key, and then asking him the right questions to get him to join you. Is it worth it? Yes. Vincent is very powerful (plus when you beat the Lost Number you get Odin materia!) and has a great little story line with Lucrecia, his ex-lover who can be found under the waterfall. Story Line Score: 9

Overall Battle Performance: Final Fantasy VII's battle system contains magic which can be learned through the use of Materia. Materia is concentrated Mako energy, and can control the elements, abilities for the character, different battle changes, and summon monsters. All characters can be equal in magical powers, you just have to battle to have them learn the magics. The real differences between the characters in battle are their weapons and limit break techs (the more the character gets hurt, the more angry they get, when they get really mad, they get a limit break.) Vincent can use shotguns for weapons, which are very effective, even from the back row. His limit breaks are different from everyone elses in that he actually transforms into another creature which cannot be controlled. This is really important to remember, because, for example, if he changes into the Gigis monster and your enemy absorbs lightning..then you've got some problems on your hands until Vincent dies. But, his final limit break is non-elemental, and does huge amounts of damage. Very useful. Overall Battle Performance Score: 9

Overall Contribution: If you do happen to find Vincent, he contributes much to the game as far as a nice side story and great battle techniques..but I don't find it fair to judge him in this category, since he is hidden and could not be used to his full potential. So I'm taking this one out for all hidden characters.

My Opinion: I liked Vincent, but I loved Hojo, and you can't like them both. So I can only like Vincent for his contribution to battle. My Opinion Score: 5

Vincent's Average Score: 7.7