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Vivi Orunitia - Sorrow - "How do you prove that you exist? Maybe we don't exist..."

Story Line: The first character you meet in the game, Vivi is a little black mage trying to get into Tantalus's big play in Alexandria. Sadly, he has bought a fake ticket. This type of innocense defines Vivi's character, as he discovers that in battle Kuja is using Black Mages who have not been born like other people, but rather created and hatched, to be used only for battle. Vivi struggles with his identity as the adventure contiues, wondering if he is different from his systhesized counterparts or if he has more human feelings and emotions. With the discovery of the Genomes, Vivi finally starts to see that he is a person too, and he helps the Genomes and the other Black Mages to discover that they can think for themselves and even build their own lives like Vivi, Zidane, and even Kuja have done. But what happened to him at the end? Story Line Score: 8

Overall Battle Performance: The battle system in FFIX is much more traditional Final Fantasy in that each character gets the option to attack, do a special skill, or use an item. The main difference is that every character can use magic. Different skills, called abilities, are learned from weapons, armor, and accessories. Abilities can then be equipped to a character, giving a wide range of choice for each battle. Magic is learned in the same way, but doesn't need to be equipped. FFIX has the Trance mode, in which a character turns a glowing white, and aquires special hidden powers during this time. Vivi, as said, is a black mage. Black mages always use staves in battle, and they are always the weakest weapons by far. But why would you want to make a physical attack with someone whom has magic as powerful as Vivi's? I recommend the water spell for everything, it's massive. If you have Stiener in your party, he and Vivi team up to give Stiener a magical sword! Yes, this is an awesome combination, because Stiener is extremely powerful, and with a magic sword, he's giant. But, Vivi is very good even without Stiener, but make sure not to physically attack too much with him, it's not really worth it. Overall Battle Performance Score: 9

Overall Contribution: Vivi provided a wonderful emotional story that ties nicely into the main plot of the game. At the beginning, no one thought that Vivi and Zidane had anything in common, but by the end, everyone could just how similar they really are. Overall Contribution Score: 10

My Opinion: Vivi is awesome. Classic Black Mage gear, it was wonderful to see that again after so long. The only bad thing about Vivi was that he had the worst ending of all time. Did he "stop"? Or did he just stay at home? I think he died, personally...why wouldn't he have come with to see all of his friends? Well, that sort of ruined it for me, but I still love Vivi. My Opinion Score: 7

Vivi's Average Score: 8.5