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Story Line: Yang joins your party when you run into him on Mt. Hobbs. You help him out, and then he joins your party as a Karate Man. Yang is the prince of Fabul, the castle that held a crystal. You lose Yang when he tries to save Rydia from Leviathan, but you get him back in Baron. Later on you lose him for good when he risks his life to save the dwarves (Lali-ho!). Think he's dead? Of course not. If you visit the Sylvan cave, you find Yang down there, and you can go through a little thing between him and his wife to bring him back, though he never rejoins your party (that's how you get the spoon) At the end, Yang becomes a King. Story Line Score: 7

Overall Battle Performance: Yang is pretty useful in battle, even if he doesn't have any magic. His attacks are pretty good, and depending on which claws you have him equipped with, you get a different effect. Yang also has a "Kick" command, which will attack all the enemies, but with less force, so only use that with many low-level monsters. Overall, Yang was a lot of help. Overall Battle Performance Score: 7

Overall Contribution: Yang was a great pre-Edge character. His claw attacks were powerful and his wife gives you the spoon. Plus you get the Slyphs because of him. Overall Contribution Score: 7

My Opinion: Yang is cool. I thought he died! I was sad! But no, he came back, which was great even if you didn't get him in your party again. He proved to be a valuable character to me. My Opinion Score: 7

Yang's Average Score: 7.0