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Yuffie Kisaragi

Story Line: Yuffie is another hidden character that can be found in forests throughout the'll first get into a battle with her, but instead of killing her, she'll take you into a series of questions depending on how you respond to them. Answer correctly and you'll get her in your party. Bring Yuffie to Wutai after you get her, and you'll enter a side quest in which she steals all of your materia, and in order to get it back, you have to go through her little father story. If you're awesome and have a lot of mastered materia like I did, she won't be able to take it all, and you'll be left with enough to go around. Story Line Score: 7

Overall Battle Performance: Final Fantasy VII's battle system contains magic which can be learned through the use of Materia. Materia is concentrated Mako energy, and can control the elements, abilities for the character, different battle changes, and summon monsters. All characters can be equal in magical powers, you just have to battle to have them learn the magics. The real differences between the characters in battle are their weapons and limit break techs (the more the character gets hurt, the more angry they get, when they get really mad, they get a limit break.) Yuffie used differnt types of ninja shurinkens and things like that. They were pretty useful sometimes...her limit breaks varied between healing and attacks, which was nice. The attack ones actually did a pretty fair amount of damage, so having Yuffie in your party was not a complete loss after all. Overall Battle Performance Score: 7

Overall Contribution: If you do happen to find Yuffie, she contributes much to the game as far as a nice side story and great battle techniques..but I don't find it fair to judge her in this category, since she is hidden and could not be used to her full potential. So I'm taking this one out for all hidden characters.

My Opinion: At first, I hated Yuffie...but then I started using her, and she kinda grew on me. She's annoying, yes, but it's that cute kind of annoying that you just have to get used to. My Opinion Score: 9

Yuffie's Average Score: 7.7