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Story Line: Yuna is a summoner from the land of Spira. Summoners are people who have the ability to call on the fayths in battle, with the ultimate goal of calling the final aeon and defeating Sin. Unfortunatly, after the long pilgrimage to Zanarkand is made, Yuna must choose one of her guardians to become the final aeon which she will summon. This will not only kill her friend, but also herself. Yuna refuses, which is a shock to everyone because she is the daughter of Lord Braska, the last summoner who defeated Sin. She made the right decision, however, because even with it's death, Sin will continue to return and spread death throught Spira. Yuna's iron will and faith in her friends help her through her journey, eventually winning her battle. Yuna is an extremely kind-hearted person who will do anything for the people of Spira, even marry evil (and dead) Maester Seymour. Saved from that fate at the last minute by Tidus, Yuna and he share a special bond that they promise not break. Story Line Score: 10

Overall Battle Performance: Final Fantasy X has a completely new battle system and magic system to go along with all the other changes to this fabulous game. In battle, it is not only possible to change the weapons and armor of the characters, but it is also possible to switch characters around, even bring in ones that are not in your party. This is a great advantage, because you can use everyone's skills to defeat enemies and bosses instead of blindly going into battle and hoping you picked good characters. Weapons are bought at shops, as usual, and come with special abilities attached and also with the ability to customize your own abilities. But perhaps the most interesting part of Final Fantasy X's battle system is the Sphere Grid, an elaborate web of spheres which contain power ups and also abilities each character can learn. With spheres won in battle, your characters can eventually cover the entire grid, learning every spell and gaining ever power up they can get. Each character has their own color, so you can see where everyone else is and has been around the grid. Each character also has and Overdrive, special attacks they can perform depending on which setting you choose. Yuna's staves are pathetically weak, unless they have an added attack like turning enemies to stone. But physical attacks are not her strong point, since she is a summoner. The first magics Yuna learns are white magics which work very well and last long with all the MP she has. Yuna's summon ability is unique to Final Fantasy X in that summoning costs no magic and the aeon stays with you for the whole battle, until it dies, or until you dismiss it. Each aeon has a special attack and magical abilites, and can also defend itself or boost, which takes in more damage but will raise it's overdrive bar faster, and that is a wonderful thing. When Yuna Overdrives, she can call on any of her aeons who is alive, and use their overdrive for an attack. Learn to use these creatures wisely, and you'll be much better off. Remember to power them up before a big battle! Overall Battle Performance Score: 10

Overall Contribution: Yuna is a girl who should never be underestimated. While she seems like she could never hurt a fly, her will is strong and her heart pure, making her a very reliable and powerful character to add to your party. Overall Contribution Score: 10

My Opinion: Yuna reminds me of myself, so how can I not like her? They did such a good job on summoning in this game, I'm so proud of you SquareSoft. I think my only problem with Yuna is that she had the huskie dog eyes going on, you know, two different colors. That threw me off a bit, but I'm not taking off for something like that. My Opinion Score: 10

Yuna's Average Score: 10